Finally used the Cochlear Aqua Accessory today

me using the Cochlear AQUA Accessory 27th July 2013

me using the Cochlear AQUA Accessory 27th July 2013

It was brill, I heard myself moving around in water when I took a swim in the back garden 🙂


Cochlear storage case

if you want to get one of these, the product code is: Z342010 but that is from Cochlear UK and not sure if same from other countries but I sugest to contact cochlear to make a query about it.

if you want to get one of these, the product code is: Z342010 but that is from Cochlear UK and not sure if same from other countries but I sugest to contact cochlear to make a query about it.

hello readers.

hope you are all well? i received this case from cochlear UK (i ordered directly from them)
it is quite cool, it is handheld and can fit the normal black everyday case in it as well as
other accessories.

thank you for reading my blog, I appreciate it very much


Paul Toovey
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good day followers,
I hope you are all well, today is an emotional day, it is the 17th anniversary of the Dumblane tradegy.
the victims of that event are in my heart.

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Cochlear Aqua Accessory

Cochlear Aqua Accessory

Cochlear Aqua Accessory

Todays date: Thursday 14th FEbruary 2013.

Hello Followers!

first ill start by sayying happy valentines day and have a nice day with a loved one.
Today, I received something in the post from Connevans UK, yes it is the Cochlear Aqua Accessory!
I will explain what this is for and how to use it, here is a link to see the FAQs on how to use the
Cochlear Aqua Accessory.

also here is a video on how it is used in the water :

take care guys!!


cochlear-nucleus-aqua-accessory information

Cochlear™ Nucleus® Aqua Accessory

Cochlear have come out with this accessory for cochlear Nucleus 5 reciepments and I like it!
I made a query about it to Cochlear UK and this was their responce:

“Hello Paul

Lovely to hear from you and it’s good to know that all is well. I hope you
had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

I will look into the availability of the Aqua Accessory and when it is due
to be launched in the UK.

When the product is available your clinic will be informed (including any
costs involved for the patient) and we will place information on our
website. So, please check our website regularly for an update.

Thank you also for your offer to trial the accessory. If your help is
required I will let you know.

Best wishes, Kate”

so lets wait and see what happens! I? like going swimming (not been for a while because of my new mobility problems but sure I will in due course!

update: I now have a swimcap so when I go swimming I will use it!

Happy New Year 2013!

Hello readers,

today’s date is Sunday 10th February 2013 (so bit late for “happy new year”) but let me update you on my Journey.
At the start of this week (Monday 4th February 2013) I had my one year follow up at the RNTNE hospital (one year anniversary of my re-implant in December 2011) everything is going well, had all the review tests audiogram (but forgot to ask for a copy which I will do soon)
The days appointments were as follows:

09:30 – SLT one year review

11:30 – Audiology one year review

14:00 medical follow up with my cochlear implant surgeon

Other than that everything has been cool, I have recently found out that cochlear are bringing out a new processor! (N6) would be good to try that but I won’t get an upgrade till about 2016 at earliest) shame but that’s how life goes i guess.
What else has happened to me? Hmmm well I am unfortunately using a wheelchair now because of unfortunate other medical problems but fingers crossed that can be sorted as I am under a doctor who specialises in the condition that I unfortunately find myself to have.

I hope you have a nice day guys and thank you for reading

Best wishes,

Paul T

Latest Audiology results

todayFriday 26th October 2012

Hello Readers
I hope you are all well, not spoken to you since last year! (it was my birthday 10 days ago) lol I am not 26 years young!!
hahaha anyway i had a audiology test the day after my birthday and these are the results

Audiology results from 17th October 2012

Not too bad for my Left implanted ear I guess but my right ear… thats another story. I just wish for my other ear to be implanted but its life I guess. 🙂
Anyway just wanted to update you and now off to land of nod considering the time!!
happy hearing!

lots has happened since I last posted to this blog! (sorry followers!)


(This is me on the Madejski stadium (Reading) pitch after it was certain we will be returning
to the premiership for the 2012/2013 football season)

Right, hello readers!

I hope you are all well, right where do I start? Hmm, well first I have realised that I have not mentioned my
mention on the Cochlear UK website and the link is as follows:

Right, hmm lots have happened since I posted. First, an update to when I was in regret attacked.
At present times it has not come to anything and looks like this one has slipped the net to my
regret, I do have a grey processor again just like before but I still feel guilty and sad for the
processor that got lost because they are not cheap! Right what else? The London 2012 Olympics
are just around the corner and it has been confirmed that I have three roes in the Olympics now.
They are as follows

My work at Wembley Stadium (I am in my 5th year in this job)
London 2012 Olympic ambassador role (Wembley area)
and I have got the role of being part of the opening ceremonies at the start of the Paralympics
(Olympics for disabled athletes)

It is getting very big for me starting just few months away and I wonder if I am the only cochlear
implant user working at London 2012 Olympics?! (Well on the ambassador role there is only 8’000
of us so most likely the only CI user on that one!)

It would be great if I am not just for CI users but all deafies in the UK as I know that some people
think that because we are deaf we cannot do this or that and it is total rubbish!
The only thing we cannot do is hear as well as everyone else, nothing wrong with our co-ordination
or ability to do things (well not all of us but don’t judge deaf people that way just because they use a
cochlear Implant or hearing aid)
And finally, I am STILL getting new sounds that I do not recognise but I do wish to mention that I do
feel that I am not benefiting as well as when I had the previous implant I had)

Righty ho! It is 1AM here LOL! So goodnight and I will update more in the future (promise) ha-ha

Goodnight readers!

– Paul


Went to a Football came today (Reading 3 V Leciester City 1) and heard stuff.

It was a fantastic result and also a great day for me because I heard some sounds that without my Cochlear Implant I wouldn’t have heard!
Right, where do I start? Hmm right the referee’s whistle, I heard it every single time he blew it and the goalkeepers, when they like knock their football boot studs against the goal post to get rid of grass stuck to their studs, I even heard that! Also I was watching the game with around 21’000 people around me! Also not to mention everyone shouting and chanting and everything!

went to London to see War Horse, meet new friends (ci users) and other stuff……

Wat Horse

I had a really good time on Saturday 11th February 2012; I went to the New London theatre to see WAR HORSE and also really enjoyed meeting Cochlear Implant users naming my new friend Lisa Baldock. Really enjoyed it. Not to forget about my friend Nicky Newnham was great to see her again.
A bit about the show, this was captioned and hosted by stagetext – for those who do not know much about stagetext. Stagetext is a charity who works closely with theatres to provide captions for shows. Here is a URL for them.
It was great to once again use the London underground (I use it at least once a week) and listen to people natter and flick the pages of their paper :p and all the stuff I can hear with my cochlear implant (I LOVE IT!)
Also I cannot finish this post without special thanks to Lidia Smolarek Best who actually arranged for all of us deafies to go and see the show! I loved it and it was the best theatre show I had ever seen. Full of action and was very interesting!
And hmmm what else has happened to me since I posted last?……
oh yeah don’t mean to put unhappy faces on readers but I was recently attacked by a drunk on 29th February/ 1st march and I was punched directly on my right ear (thank goodness not on my implanted side) and the matter is being dealt with my the police at the moment and just hope that he is caught and rightly locked up and the key destroyed! As a result of this attack my Cochlear Nucleus 5 CP810 processor got lost (obviously fell off my head when he punched me) but it’s all done and I will get a replacement soon.
Besides that err I have returned back to my normal duties at work and everything, really looking forward to the rugby match at Wembley Stadium on 31st March, I have a ticket because of my London 2012 ambassador role.
As a last line, It’s amazing the Olympics are just four months away and I cannot wait

happy hearing!

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